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Hello from Lead Chemistry we have been creating and publishing quality leads since 2001. Each lead is double opt in and qualified for your product or service. Start closing more deals with quality opt in leads today.

Lead Chemistry is generating on average between 8,000-12,000 records each week. Our diabetic long form records can be filtered for age and insurance type  and are generated as a real time posted to eligibility program or live transfer delivered straight to your office. In addition we also provide catheter, mobility, and back brace. Our long forms diabetic leads can also be filtered by state. All records can be purchased from real time to one year old. Please contact us for more information.

Looking forward to speaking with you to help grow your client base.


Mike Hanson

Lead Chemistry Inc.

Executive Sales Director

Direct: 480-719-8117

Main: 888-315-5415

Fax: 888-743-3204

We Have Lead Generation Down To A Science.

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