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Hello this forum is for life insurance leads.


Lead sellers:


Please provide a sample lead header for our buyers.


Also include price breaks.


Lead buyers:


Please provide the type of life insurance lead you are seeking.


Be descriptive and have fun.


Make new lead sources today.


After you reply below please start your own discussion to get more views...!

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Hello All,


I can provide you good quality of Auto Insurance and Auto loan leads, All these leads are phone verified leads.


To know more about it please email me @



Best Lead Shop Sample Life Insurance Lead


  We can provide Exclusive, Shared or Aged Life Insurance leads from any state. If you are an Insurance Agent looking for quality leads that you can actually get aps to then we are your shop. We can also help you with underwriting, quoting tools and a custom program to fit almost any independent agent.


Campaign: Life Insurance
IP Address:
Date/Time: 2011-04-10 18:17:35
Refer ID: 1
Address: 7810 E TEST AVE
City: Fake
Zip: 99504

What state do you live in? - CA

Do you or have you used Tobacco in the last 5 years? - Yes

What Term Length are you looking for? - 20

What is your current income? - $20k

What is your current hieght? - 76

What is your current weight? - 185

Are you currently insured? - No

What is your Gender? - Male

What is your date of birth? - 1956-3-15
Looks great what are your prices for 30-60 days aged..?

Depends on if you have any filters set up. I am getting $1.00 now for 30 days so I would probably drop a good chunk of that off for 60 days depending on the volume.

We are always looking to buy and sell long form aged Internet life, health and auto insurance leads as well as other financial verticals.

Contact me at or 949-861-3122.

Hello Troy,


What are kind of volume are you looking for? I am generating around 2,000 leads daily and with the same information as the example lead I posted previously.

Do you have filters?


I would be interested in speaking with you regarding potential opportunities.


you can email me at or register on


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